How to increase human growth hormone naturally?

Human growth hormone is among the most important components in our body – it is based in a pituitary gland and in early youth it is responsible for the children’s growth while in adulthood it preserves our body and gives it healthier, fat-free and younger look.

But, as we age, the level and production of HGH are decreasing in our bodies and all this starts in our 20s, which leads to a reduction of body mass, bone density while the level of fat starts to grow, especially in the abdominal area.

What has proven to be the quickest and the most effective way to increase the level of HGH in our body is an injection of human growth hormone on a daily basis. Many types of research have shown that this therapy is beneficial and it became a standard practice. This type of therapy can be maintained for years.

Various factors affect the production of HGH, such as emotional distress and excitement, exercise, diet and aging. There are few effective ways to increase natural human growth hormone in our body:



1. High-Intensity workout

Every day while exercising, you should bring your body in a state where your heart beat is above an average – repeat this five times per 30 seconds during your average training. This will help your body to burn fat during the whole day and it will release the HGH naturally.

2.Proper sleep is highly important

By sleeping eight hours per night, you will ensure the high production of HGH.

3.Taking GABA

Taking GABA, or gamma-aminobutyric acid, right before bed in the amount of 1.5 to 3 g and you will be able to increase HGH production by 200%. That is very helpful when you are having high-intensity workouts through the longer period of time.

4.Intake high quality proteins

While you eat quality protein and low – carb snacks before bed, the amino acids will increase the level of HGH and it will prevent insulin to interfere with the work of human growth hormone if you eat too many carbs.

5.Intake a lot vitamin D

Your daily level of vitamin D should be from 70 to 100 ng/ml.

6.You should avoid sugar

Avoid sugar when you finish workout, if you consume sugar within two hours after workout, hypothalamus will release hormone called somatostatin, which will influence on your level of HGH and its production. The level of insulin will rise and it will store additional fats in your body.

The combination of two amino acids called L-arginine and L-lysine and their consumption before bed has been recognized as a safe method of increasing the level of HGH up to 700%. The optimal dose is from 3 to 5 grams.

The intake of 2 to 10 g of glutamine before bed or after a workout definitely increases the hormone of growth, according to studies that were performed at the Louisiana State College of Medicine. The scientists there discovered that some subjects, while consuming 2 g of glutamine, had their level of HGH increased.

According to some studies that took place in 2008, subjects who took A-GPC, or alpha –glycerylphosphorylcholine in the amount of 600mg two hours before bed-  have shown the increase of HGH, while subjects that received placebo haven’t shown any increase.

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